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The Drill Guys are the ONLY handpiece repair company in Australia that have mobile workshops to complete onsite repairs. We offer our exclusive onsite service from Cairns to Adelaide (with most regional towns in between). Clients anywhere in Australia can also post in broken handpieces and micromotors (Total under 1 Kg) using our FREE postage & tracking service. 

Reliable & Affordable Handpiece Repairs With Quality Workmanship Guaranteed 


Dental Repair

Ensuring the optimal functioning of your dental handpieces is paramount for the seamless operation of your practice. Dental repair services for handpieces provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining peak performance, encompassing routine servicing, meticulous cleaning, and the timely replacement of worn or damaged components when necessary. Entrusting your instruments to experts in dental repair not only prolongs the life of your handpieces but also ensures compliance with the stringent standards requisite for patient care. Consistent maintenance is essential to avert operational disruptions and guarantee that your practice consistently delivers the highest standard of service.

Why Do You Need Dental Repair For Your Handpieces?

Handpieces are integral to the delivery of quality dental care; their high-speed performance and precision are critical for a wide range of dental procedures. However, frequent use subjects them to wear and tear, leading to eventual breakdowns without proper care. Regular dental repair services ensure these vital instruments operate at their best, reducing the risk of procedural complications that can arise from equipment failure. Furthermore, by maintaining your handpieces through professional dental repair services, you can significantly extend their lifespan, optimising your investment and upholding an exceptional standard of patient care. This preventative approach not only safeguards your equipment but also reinforces your reputation as a reliable provider of dental services.

Our Service To You


Assessments, whether in the workshop or onsite. We quote for repairs and only repair with permission.


Onsite repairs take no longer than an hour, and workshop repairs normally have a 24 hr turnaround.


Postage and tracking for the sending in and return of handpieces (usually via courier).


And mobile vans are fully equipped with the latest testing and repair equipment.


Are fully trained and qualified for the repairs they complete.

Dentists & Dental Technicians

Nail technicians



We can repair most high speed and prophy handpieces onsite. Most low speed dental handpieces and micro motors handpieces need to be assessed and repaired at our workshop with specialised tools. Please note that we only service nail technician motors at our workshop, not on-site.

Who We Specialise Repairs For


Download Our Repair Service Sheet

Call Us (Monday - Friday)


General Maintenance Advice


Ask for our purple padded postage bags, now with free tracking.


Keep this tracking number for your records.

Include a repair service sheet with your items in the post.

Your handpieces will be entered into HERMES upon arrival.

No repair will commence until the quote has been approved by you.

All items are posted back to you, free of charge, once payment is received. Corporate accounts are prearranged.

Payment terms are prearranged with Platinum and Gold Members only.


Our reply paid postage allows you to post anything under one kilogram at our expense.

Reply Paid Number: 86264
Post to: P.O. Box 598
Mudgeeraba, QLD, 4213

Items over one kilogram are posted at your expense, or otherwise added to your final invoice.

FAQs for Dental Repair

How often should I service my dental handpiece? 

Dental handpieces should be serviced regularly to ensure optimal performance. The frequency of servicing depends on the volume of use but, as a general guideline, every six to twelve months is recommended for routine maintenance.

What signs indicate that my handpiece needs repair or servicing? 

Lots of signs can indicate your handpiece needs attention, including unusual noises, decreased performance, overheating, or difficulty in using the handpiece as intended. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to consider servicing.

Can all types of dental handpieces be repaired? 

Most dental handpieces, including high-speed, low-speed, electric, and air-driven models, can be repaired. However, the feasibility of repair vs. replacement can vary based on the condition and age of the handpiece.

How long does a typical handpiece repair take? 

Dental repair times can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific service provider. At The Drill Guys, onsite repairs can often be completed the same day, while postal repairs are actioned promptly upon receival.

Is it cost-effective to repair a dental handpiece instead of replacing it? 

In many cases, repairing a dental handpiece is significantly more cost-effective than replacing it, especially for high-quality instruments. An assessment by a professional can help determine the most economical option.

How can I maintain my handpiece between services? 

Proper maintenance includes daily cleaning, lubrication according to the manufacturer's guidelines, and using it within the recommended parameters to avoid undue stress on the instrument.

Do you offer a warranty on handpiece repairs? 

Yes, we provide a warranty on all dental repairs. Please contact our friendly team for more details for your specific needs!

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