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Do you know where your handpieces are, right now?


The Hermes Handpiece Management System is a comprehensive system that allows you to keep track of all your handpieces, review service and maintenance histories and manage repairs.


With HerMeS you can:  


  • Manage your entire handpiece collection

  • Maintain an inventory of handpieces

  • Print any repair or database reports

  • Review maintenance and repair history

  • Check which handpieces are in for repair

  • Check diagnosis reports

  • Check technician reports

  • See what repairs have been completed

  • See what tests have been completed

  • Book new handpiece repairs via the Hermes website

  • Receive confirmation that handpieces have been received

  • Check the progress of any repairs

  • Receive confirmation when handpieces are despatched.


If you have used our repair centre or mobile on-site repair van in the past you will already be registered. Call or email our office for your username and password details.


If you would like to use our services for the first time and book in some handpieces for repair, click on Create a New Account for Handpiece Management and then you can begin to use our free online system immediately!


Do you manage a large practice with multiple sites?


Give us a call or send us an email with the clinic's details and we can set up a 'HEAD OFFICE' login to enable you to check up on all your clinics at the push of a button!


HerMeS is a free service provided to all customers of the Drill Guys.

HERMES handpiece tracking
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