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Our comprehensive air compressor package is designed to meet the high standards required for dental surgeries. This package includes a reliable air compressor, an efficient air dryer, and high-quality air filters, ensuring that you have access to clean, dry air at all times.


  • Air Compressors (P15 and P20):

Our P15 and P20 air compressors are engineered for durability and performance. These units offer powerful and consistent air supply, perfect for the demanding environment of a dental surgery. With features such as low noise operation and compact design, these compressors ensure a quiet and unobtrusive presence in your practice.


  • Air Dryer (FR Series):

The FR Series air dryer is a crucial component of our package. It effectively removes moisture from the compressed air, preventing corrosion and damage to dental equipment. This ensures that the air used in dental procedures is dry and free from contaminants, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your tools.


  • Air Filters (FFA Series):

The FFA Series air filters are designed to provide superior filtration, removing particles and impurities from the compressed air. These filters ensure that the air is not only dry but also clean, meeting the stringent hygiene requirements of dental surgeries. The multi-stage filtration process captures even the smallest contaminants, ensuring the highest air quality for your procedures.

Air Compressor Package for Dental Surgeries

  • 1. Enhanced Patient Safety: Clean and dry air reduces the risk of contamination, ensuring a safer environment for patients.

    2. Improved Equipment Longevity: By preventing moisture and particles from reaching your dental tools, this package extends the lifespan of your equipment.

    3. Consistent Performance: Reliable air supply ensures that your procedures are never interrupted, maintaining the efficiency of your practice.

    4. Quiet Operation: The low noise levels of our compressors create a more comfortable atmosphere for both patients and staff.

    5. Compliance with Standards: Our air compressor package meets the high standards required for dental surgeries, providing peace of mind that you are using top-quality equipment.

  • Please note: Shipping and installation are not included when purchasing the Air Compressor Package. These services are provided by our partner, Glenco Air & Power.

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