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Digital speed display window: Maximum speed set mode possible: Lowest noise, lowest vibration: Excellent durability: Self-diagnosis function: Ceramic ball bearing: Error code display: Auto-cruise function: Variable speed control pedal (FS60N): Handpiece cradle attached: Magnetic bur holder attached: Vertical & easy-carry system: 230W

This unit can take 2 handpieces (one brushless handpiece and one carbon brush handpiece), but only one handpiece can be used at a time.

* Max Speed 50,000 rpm
* Max Torque: 7.8N cm
* Self-diagnosis system & error code display function
* Convenient magnetic bur holder
* Built-in handpiece cradle

Marathon Handy 700

    • 1 Control Box 
    • 1 50,000rpm Brushless Handpiece 
    • 1 Variable Foot Control 
    • 2 Handpiece Cradle/Holders