General Information

Handpiece Operation And Maintenance:

Follow these important procedures for the smooth operation of handpieces. See the maintenance information below for correct procedures. If you would like to speak to one of our qualified staff please call our hotline on 1300 765 398.


Handpiece Lubrication:

Always lubricate your handpiece after each use. This is the most important procedure for smooth operation of handpieces.


Handpiece Head Caps:

All handpiece head caps should be checked at least once per week. This is done by turning the head cap anti clockwise with fingers; if you find the head cap comes loose do not use the handpiece until it has been tightened.


Tighten with the head cap spanner which should be located within the steri room (every practice has many of these tools). Place the tool over the head cap and turn clockwise until tight, if a handpiece keeps having the same problem, send it in for repair.


Under no circumstances should this handpiece be used with this type of fault, as the handpiece could come apart in a patient's mouth!


Handpieces not running correctly:

If a dentist complains that the handpiece is not running correctly, carry out a number of simple tests:

  • Check Head Cap is tight, see above.

  • Place a bur in the handpiece and turn with fingers, if it feels rough or lumpy take the handpiece out of service immediately and send away for service as the bearings may have collapsed.

  • Check handpiece head, make sure no dents are visible as handpiece may have been dropped.  If so do not use until serviced.

  • If handpiece has been dropped with a bur in it, throw the bur out as it will be bent. If you run the bur in another handpiece it will damage the handpiece very quickly and a bur is cheaper than a handpiece to service.

  • If problem persists, call our hotline on 1300 765 398 or alternatively send the handpiece in with notes describing the fault to our dental depot.


Air Pressures:

Operate the handpiece at pressures of 35 to 40 psi (Check with your chair technician). The handpiece is engineered to attain speeds of 350,000 RPM at 35 pounds and 400,000 RPM at 40 pounds. If the pressure is too high the handpiece will fail very quickly and need to be rebuilt due to bearings collapsing.



Water Blockage:

Run the handpiece. If water is not coming from all spray holes in the front of the head, use the wire that should be in a carry box and gently put into holes in the head. Push and pull three times, then run the handpiece again. If you cannot unblock, call our hotline for help or alternatively send the handpiece in to our dental depot with notes describing the fault.


Dentists Complaining Burs Are Blunt:

This is a classic case of the handpiece chuck failing. If this occurs ask the dentist to use another handpiece with the same bur inserted.  If the second handpiece doesn't cause the same problem, send the first handpiece in for service noting possible chuck failure.This can be a very expensive lesson throwing away perfectly good burs when the problem is misdiagnosed and this simple test will answer the question. Obviously if the problem continues when the bur is used in the second handpiece then maybe the bur is the problem. If at all unsure call our hotline for assistance on 1300 765 398.


Clean Dry Air:

In order to always provide the handpiece with clean air, water accumulated in the compressor must be drained out once a day or at least every third day.