Autumn Updates

Dental Practices regularly tell me they have noticed their yearly handpiece repairs costs being consistently lower year after year. This is namely due to our Handpiece Technician’s visiting 6 monthly to keep an eye on Handpiece Maintenance & Oiling Procedures especially as staff change etc.

As you know a regular checkup can save a big headache later… so call for a Free Onsite Checkup, where we can check, assess, diagnose and even Repair Handpieces where needed. Warmest Regards from Jack & Leanne ~ Proud owners of The Drill Guys

Leanne’s Healthy Bliss Balls

1/2 Cup Pitted Dates

1/2 Cup Dried Apricots 1/2 Cup Almonds

1/2 Cup Cashews 3 Tablespoons Cocao Powder

1/4 Cup Chia Seeds

1/4 Cup Shredded


Coconut Water

Soak Dates & Apricots in boiling water for 5mins.

Blitz Nuts in food processor then add Chia & Shredded Coconut..

Blitz some more & lastly add the Cocao. -

Slowly add coconut water until you get a nice dough consistency -

Use a teaspoon amount & roll in to a nice ball. -

Roll in shredded coconut & serve.

Enjoy cos they’re good for you ..

Lucy’s Prize for “The Best...” On Hold Music

I hear a fair few on-hold tunes, when I’m ringing practices for their 6 monthly handpiece checkup’s. I hear some beauties, but the Best for March is 818 Dental – who’s music was just so beautiful, I wanted to stay on hold for longer !

We have happily applied a $30 discount on your account.

Giving back to the Community

As the YWAM Medical Ship's dental team screened patients ashore in the Gulf Province, a young woman's family approached the team about seeing their daughter, Lucy*. Lucy was partially paralysed from the waist down. She'd had tooth pain for a number of months, and was eager to be seen. Transporting her to YWAM's patrol boat and then to the MV YWAM PNG up stairs to the on-board dental clinic wasn't an option, so the team decided to treat in the village. The next day a dental worker returned with a solar powered dental chair that folds up into a backpack (the iDent chair).

He set it up under her house and extracted the tooth that was causing her pain. Lucy was so grateful that day for the extra time and care that was taken to give her better quality of life.

*Name changed For more information visit

In Stock Now Handy700 $895

  • Max speed: 50,000 rpm:

  • 7.8ncm Digital speed display window

  • Max speed set mode possible

  • Lowest noise, lowest vibration

  • Excellent durability

  • Self-diagnosis function

  • Ceramic ball bearing

  • Error code display

  • Auto-cruise function

  • Variable speed control pedal (FS60N)

  • Handpiece cradle attached

  • Magnetic bur holder attached

  • Vertical & easy-carry system

  • 230W

If you are shopping around for New Handpieces, please give us a call as we are happy to sharpen our prices to look after you. Not only do we recommend & supply Sirona Handpieces but we also stock a variety of other items such as Saeshin Micromotors, Vega UV Lamps etc.

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