The Saeshin Micro Motor OZ Plus is an excellent higher end tool for the carver that requires a smoother and more powerful Micro Motor especially if the tool will be used in a commercial application.  The MicroMotor OZ Plus is the same as Saeshin Forte.  

Made in Korea with quality parts and German Bearings and includes a 12 Month Warranty.

* MAX speed: 50,000 RPM
* Torque: Strong
* Placement: Vertical or Horizontal
* Input: 220-~240V 50/60Hz
* Output: 230w
* Direction Forward and Reverse
* Lower ongoing repair and servicing costs

Saeshin OZ Black

    • Control Unit
    • Brushless Handpiece 50k RPM with standard 3/32 shank
    • Foot Pedal
    • Cradle