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The Saeshin Oz Black is a powerful Micro Motor set that is popular among dental technicians and jewelers. Its compact, ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use for extended periods. The high speed and torque provide ample power for cutting, grinding, polishing, and engraving tasks. It has a quick-release mechanism for easy changing of burs. It is a versatile and reliable tool that is well-suited for precision work.

Made in Korea with quality parts and German Bearings. It includes a 12 Month Warranty.

* MAX speed: 50,000 RPM
* Torque: Strong
* Placement: Vertical or Horizontal
* Input: 220-~240V 50/60Hz
* Output: 230w
* Direction Forward and Reverse
* Lower ongoing repair and servicing costs

Saeshin OZ Black

    • Control Unit
    • Brushless Handpiece 50k RPM with standard 3/32 shank
    • Foot Pedal
    • Cradle
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