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As you know, dentists recommend we all have a regular checkup for our Teeth & Gums because prevention is better than a cure. Did you know, the same rule applies to your precious Handpieces. Our FREE 6monthly Onsite Handpiece Checkup is a preventative program to help keep your Handpieces Healthy & in tip-top condition. Our Technician’s will always help with any maintenance advice in order to help you keep your Handpieces Happy & Healthy. Please take a look at our Upcoming Onsite Van Visit Dates below &/or Call us for your Free Checkup. And don’t forget ..our once-a-year Free Xmas Pamper for your handpieces is nearly here….. (See details below). Our aim is to make you smile. Warmest Regards fr

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Express post for all your urgent repairs.
Please include an addressed express post envelope for return.

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